The Arbitration Center publishes the Journal of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Kosovo, Vol. II

The Arbitration Center is pleased to announce the publication of the 2nd Volume of the Journal of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Kosovo.


Since the publication of the 1st volume, the Arbitration Center is consistently working in improving the format, the structure, and the editorial selection of the manuscripts. The audience towards which this Journal is addressed consists of legal practitioners, academics, and students. The Center hopes to further build this platform whereby a balance between an academic and practical discussion will be presented.


The Center is focused in developing arbitration in Kosovo and also consistently improving the quality of the services that it provides. In addition, the Arbitration Center believes that the young generation of lawyers will boost this process. Thus, we also wish to dedicate this platform to this audience and contribute towards fostering their development. The current volume includes a variety of topics, which provide an overview of certain issues within the domestic arbitration state‐of‐affairs, as well as developments in international commercial arbitration. From a practical standpoint, a fraction within the papers published in this volume are comprehensive reads for non‐lawyers too. The volume consists of the following:


  1. Alternative Dispute Resolution and the “Kanun”, by Robert Muharremi and Alketa Buçaj
  2. Confidentiality in Arbitration: An Essential Changing Attribute, by Fisnik Salihu
  3. Case Commentary: National Iranian Oil Company v Crescent Petroleum Company International Limited and Crescent Gas Corporation Ltd, by Klentiana Mahmutaj
  4. Intellectual Property Cases in Arbitration, by Arberesha Zogjani and Florije Manaj Zogaj
  5. Recognition and Enforcement of Kosovo made Arbitral Awards in New York Convention countries: A Comparative Study, by Anjezë Gojani


Please click HERE to access the Journal. 


The Arbitration Center is accepting papers on a rolling basis. For more information on the 3rd Volume, please click HERE. The Submission Guidelines for Authors can be found HERE.


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