Ms. Klentiana Mahmutaj joins the Roster of Arbitrators


The Arbitration Center, today announced the addition of Ms. Klentiana Mahmutaj to its roster of arbitrators. Ms. Mahmutaj’s is a barrister, practicing in London, and her work in focused in both domestic and international law. Klentiana lectures and publishes regularly on Public International Law, on legal matters pertaining to state immunity, extraterritorial application of the European Convention of Human Rights and corruption in international arbitration (please click here for her detailed resume).


“I am a barrister of 10 years’ call practising in London but I was born and raised in Tirana, Albania where I also teach in my capacity as a visiting lecturer at the National School of Judges. It is a great privilege to be appointed as a member of the Panel of Arbitrators of the AmCham Arbitration Center. After substantial progress since independence, Kosovo continues to develop its legal institutions and to integrate further into the global economy. The Arbitration Center plays an important role in these developments through offering a respected means of commercial arbitration and mediation in Kosovo. Its arbitrators not only have subject matter expertise but also know the region. I personally bring to the table not only my experience of practicing in English law but also an insight into the culture of Kosovo and Albania due to my origins and ability to speak the language. I very much look forward to serving as an arbitrator.” – said Ms. Mahmutaj.


Klentiana received her LLB from De Montfort University in Leicester and her LLM in Public International Law from the University of London.


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