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About the AmCham ADR Center

The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo (AmCham) is a leading business association in Kosovo officially accredited by the United States Chamber of Commerce in Washington D.C. AmCham is also a member of the European Council of American Chambers of Commerce (ECACC) which provides our members with a direct connection to a network of 18.000 American and European businesses. Initially established in 2004, AmCham has been fully operative since 2006. The Chamber is a business association through which business leaders cooperate to strengthen the country’s business climate and economic growth towards prosperity and Euro Atlantic integration, and an independent organization that influences the public agenda in Kosovo to promote economic opportunities and business interests.


In furtherance of its efforts to strengthen the country’s business climate and economic growth, AmCham Kosovo has established its Alternative Dispute Resolution Center (ADR Center), mandated to facilitate the alternative resolution of disputes through arbitration and mediation.


Alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, such as arbitration and mediation, offer businesses an effective and efficient method for resolving a broad range of disputes. This is particularly important as Kosovo’s courts are unable to decide commercial cases in a timely manner because they are struggling under the burden of backlogs with open cases and unexecuted judgments

The ADR Center will provide its services to the members of AmCham and to the business community throughout Kosovo. Resolving your disputes through the ADR Center Commercial Arbitration offers several advantages:


Speedier resolution - Having in mind the workload and case backlog in the Kosovo Court System, the ADR Center will provide you with efficient arbitration and mediation proceedings in order to ensure your business will not suffer losses due to delays; The ADR Center will begin to process your case as soon as it is submitted and will closely monitor the procedure until the dispute is resolved.  Moreover, the rules of arbitration and mediation proceedings are designed to streamline the dispute resolution process flexible.


Less costly - We have prepared a list of fees which is in line with the needs of Kosovo business community and is competitive with other ADR institutions in the region. Because of our quick and efficient proceedings, solving a commercial dispute at our ADR Center will reduce your attorney costs and procedural costs;


Closed hearings and confidentiality - there is no public record of the proceedings, everyone involved in the procedure—the arbitrator or mediator , the parties, , their experts and attorneys are required to maintain the confidentiality of the dispute and the proceedings. This will keep your valuable business and trade information safe from potential misuses by third parties;


Less adversarial process – which will help you maintain healthy business relationships between with your counterparts for the future;


Professional Arbitrators and Mediators – you have the ability to choose from our roster, arbitrators   who have arbitrator process expertise and specific subject matter expertise. When the subject matter of the dispute is highly technical, arbitrators with an appropriate degree of expertise can be appointed;


Easier international enforcement of awards - Because of the provisions of the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards (New York, 1958), arbitration awards are generally easier to enforce in other countries than court judgments.


The finality of the arbitration award - there is no right of appeal to the national courts in order to change the award.


What is Commercial Arbitration?

Arbitration is an adjudicatory dispute resolution process in which one or more neutral persons (“arbitrators”) selected by the parties issue a judgment on the merits of a case. While arbitration is similar to court adjudication, because arbitrators, like judges, issue binding decisions, arbitration is far quicker and more flexible than a court processes.


What is Mediation?

Mediation is a less formal process in which the disputants select one or more neutral persons (“mediators”) to assist them in reaching a mutually satisfactory settlement.  In contrast to court litigation and arbitration, the parties retain control over the process, and the mediator does not issue a judgment. All mediators on the Center’s roster have been certified by the Mediation Council and licensed by the Ministry of Justice in accordance with the Law on Mediation.  


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