Xhevdet Shala

Mr. Shala has been engaged in recent years by the World Bank, European Agency for Reconstruction and Develop­ment on advising the local and central government in Kosovo on property law, environment, spatial planning, agriculture and land regulatory development and was contracted by GFA – Ger­many, BVVG – Germany, Agrifor – Belgium, IC Group – Austria, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development – Kosovo, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fishery – Den­mark, ARD Tetra Tech, etc


Mr. Shala was a lead expert in the working group on property issues and Head of the Legal Department at the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, both at Kosovo Government. Mr. Shala also drafted several draft-laws for the Kosovo Government, such as laws on Environ­mental Protection, Kosovo Waters, Protection of Nature, Spatial Planning, Construction etc.


Mr. Shala has several publications in national and inter­national journals in the areas of corporate law, intellectual property law, construction law and agricultural law.


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