Vigan Rogova

Mr. Vigan Rogova is General Counsel of FINCA International in Kosovo, a leading microfinance institution in Kosovo. His main areas of work are commercial law, banking and finance including financial crimes, labor and tax related issues. He is currently working on transformation of FINCA into a commercial bank.


Prior to joining FINCA in 2007, Mr. Rogova worked in law firms in France and Kosovo, where he assisted foreign investors in privatization of socially owned enterprises in Kosovo. In 2010, he passed the Kosovo Bar Exam and is currently representing FINCA in the courts.


Mr. Vigan Rogova is a graduate of the University of Social Sciences in Toulouse, France, Law Faculty in International and European Law. He has been admitted for postgraduate studies at the College of Europe in Natolin, Poland. He is also an Alumnus of the International Development Law Organization under whose cover wrote a paper on Legal Aspects of Microfinance Transformation Process in Kosovo.


He speaks fluent English, French and Serbo-Croat in addition to Albanian as his mother tongue.


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