Victor Chimienti

Dr. Victor Chimienti is an Italian-US international lawyer. He holds a Masters in International Business Law from LUISS University of Rome and a Ph.D. in International and EU Law from the University of Bari, with a specialization in international competition law.

During his legal studies, he was a Visiting Research Scholar at the University of Michigan (Centre for International & Comparative Law). Furthermore, Dr. Chimienti has worked as Lecturer in International Law and has published widely in the field of international and comparative law.


Dr. Chimienti is admitted to practice law in Italy and has 14 years of professional experience as a legal expert/practitioner, including six years of consulting experience on donor-funded projects of international organizations like the European Commission, EAR, ECLO, ICO and World Bank. Having practiced law in Italy for five years, Dr. Chimienti became an associate at a large international law firm (Tonucci & Partners) and spent a couple of years in its Tirana branch office.


In 2004, he established himself as a freelance legal consultant in the Balkans and since then, has gained nine years of overall legal experience in the region. Dr. Chimienti has been providing legal services in Kosovo since 2005. His professional background includes a sound knowledge of the complexities of the domestic legal system, with a special emphasis on commercial and business law, including hands-on experience on corporate law, competition law, commercial contracts, administrative law, labor law, privatization, enterprise incorporation and restructuring, insolvency and liquidation, international law and the protection of foreign investment.


Prior to joining the AmCham as International Arbitrator, Dr. Chimienti was appointed by the International Civilian Representative and served as Chairman of the Liquidation Review Committee (LRC) at the Privatisation Agency of Kosovo under the Comprehensive Proposal for the Kosovo Status Settlement prepared by the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations. Until July 2011, the LRC functioned as an impartial and independent review body responsible for hearing, reviewing and deciding on complaints made by creditors and owners aggrieved by any decision or omission of a Liquidation Committee in relation to the liquidation of Socially Owned Enterprises. While serving in this capacity, Dr. Chimienti gained specific country experience in the area of adjudication and settlement of disputes related to liquidation procedures, commercial transactions, wages and other employment-related claims, as well as ownership claims, and he achieved a distinguished reputation for acting as a guarantor super partes in the country.


Furthermore, Dr. Chimienti has specific experience in the arbitration of disputes in civil and commercial matters in the emerging markets of Balkans. In Albania, he has represented foreign clients as counsel for defense in arbitration proceedings as well as in relation to the enforcement or setting aside of arbitral awards. In Kosovo, he has advised the Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) in respect of arbitration issues related to privatisation transactions and has completed a legal survey on arbitrating disputes and enforcing arbitration awards on behalf of the World Bank.


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