Valbon Mulaj

Mr. Valbon Mulaj is a Law Faculty graduate with post-graduate specialisation in International Commercial Arbi­tration and Investment of Foreign Capital in Kosovo. Since 2008, he is a PhD candidate at University of Pristina, where he performs research in matters of commercial arbitration. Mr. Mulaj has also passed the Kosovo Bar Exam.


Mr. Mulaj works as Assistant-Professor in the Civil Law Department of the University of Pristina Faculty of Law in the fields of Business Law and Multinational Companies. He is also teaching in the LL.M. Program in Commercial and Contract Law, established by the USAID SEAD Program. He is one of the founders of the Court Room of the Law Faculty of the University-College AAB-RIINVEST.


Mr. Mulaj worked as the Senior Legal Officer in the Office of the Prime Minister, where he participated in the drafting of numerous laws. He has also worked as a trainer and researcher for legal issues at the Kosovo Law Centre (KLC) and as a trainer at the Kosovo Institute of Public Administration (KIPA), for MDA on business issues, and as a Local Expert at Ecorys, a European Commission project on Techniques of Legal Drafting.


He has delivered training on International Commercial Arbitration; Business Transactions in the Market Economy and Arbitration; Investment of Foreign Capital in Kosovo; Trade Associations; and Economical Management from the Legal Perspective.


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