Shaban Muharremi

Mr. Shaban Muharremi is a graduate of the Faculty of Economics at Pristina University and a Licensed Auditor and Statu­tory Auditor – member of Kosovo Board on Standards for Financial Licensed and Statutory Auditors.


As a distinguished member of the Society of Certified Accoun­tants and Auditors of Kosovo (SCAAK) he has served as a member of the Independent Review Board and Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee.


He began his career working in companies providing different goods and services such as mining, printing, chemi­cal, metals processing, domestic and foreign trade – focus­ing on economical, financial and bookkeeping.


He has been the Finance and Administration of ‘INGENIERING’ Company in Pristina, Finance and Account Manager of IPKO and currently runs his busi­ness ‘CONTO’ where he also serves as Statutory Auditor. He fluently speaks Albanian and Serbian and has working knowledge of English.


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