Njomëza Zejnullahu

Ms. Zejnullahu is a legal expert, with over eight years of experience in both public and private organizations operating in Kosovo. Her focuses in the area of company law, contract law, banking law, procurement law, public-private partnerships, property law and insurance law. She is also a lecturer of law.


Her experience includes working for projects such as Growth and Fiscal Stability Initiative, a USAID Project; Support to Kosovo Institutions in the Field of Data protection, an EU Project; and Empower Credit Support, also a USAID Project.


Ms. Zejnullahu has received two bachelor degrees from the University of Prishtina, namely a degree in Law and a degree in Political Science. Further, she has a Master Degree in Financial Law and currently is a PhD Candidate in Law at European Faculty of Law in Slovenia.


She speaks fluently Albanian, English, Serbian and Turkish. 


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