Klentiana Mahmutaj

Klentiana Mahmutaj is a barrister, practicing in London, and her work includes international, public, criminal and regulatory law.


In terms of international law, Ms. Mahmutaj advises both foreign private entities and governments. She is a lecturer and also regularly publishes on Public International Law, pertaining to of state immunity, extraterritorial application of the European Convention of Human Rights and corruption in international arbitration.


In addition to the above, Ms. Mahmutaj is a member of the London International Court of Arbitration and European Users’ Council. One of the recent studies of Klentiana is “Corruption in International Arbitration: Emerging or False Alarm?” which discusses the defence of corruption in both contract-based and BIT arbitration with an analysis of the most recent cases.


Klentiana received her LLB from De Montfort University in Leicester and her LLM in Public International Law from the University of London.


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