Gail Warrander

Gail is a solicitor, qualified in England and Wales. As well as having a legal background she is also an entrepreneur and works on a mixture of projects including fund-raising for start-ups and SMEs.


She completed her European law degree at Bristol University, UK and Gottingen University, Germany in 1993 and her post-graduate law course at Nottingham Trent University, England. She also has a post-graduate business masters degree from London Business School, graduating as a Sloan Fellow in 2009. This means she has strong financial background.


Gail’s background is in corporate and commercial law and finance. She trained with and worked for the City law firm Macfarlanes for just over four years working on advertising, intellectual property, commercial contracts, floats and corporate transactions (including venture capital) before moving to Reuters (now Thomson Reuters) as in house lawyer. She worked for Reuters for 4.5 years and ran a major procurement cost-cutting exercise and worked on a lot of technology projects, intellectual property projects, joint ventures and outsourcing,  for Reuters worldwide but particularly in Asia.


In 2003 she moved to Kosovo to work for the European Commission. As well as working on procurement projects – roads, bridges, railways, power plant refurbishment, Telco and airport infrastructure, she supervised the restructuring of the public companies (Telco, airport, electricity, district heating and water). She then ran her own business in Kosovo, advising foreign investors, local companies and NGOs on setting up, alliances, employment, property, mining, customs and tax issues. She has worked with donors such as the World Bank, EBRD, KFW, USAID, Dfid and Swiss Development Corporation on business support and water projects including supervising the World Bank Doing Business Project twice.  She has advised worked on privatisation buy and sell side, managed several business sales and has advised on major projects such as infrastructure PPPs as well as working with international banks on lending and trade finance matters. She also supervised several court appeals by her clients, including to the Kosovo commercial court and the Supreme Court.


In addition to English, Gail speaks fluent German, French, Albanian and very basic Serbian.


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