Ardeshir Atai

Mr. Atai is a Partner at Atai & Associates, a law firm based in Teheran.


His practice is focused on investment treaty law, international investment law, dispute resolution, finance and banking, trade and investment, international shipping, taxation, international commercial arbitration, investment treaty arbitration.


Mr. Atiai is a visiting lecturer at University of Hertfordshire School of Law, teaching LLB international commercial law, LLB commercial law and LLM maritime law. In addition, he teaches commercial law subjects at University of South Wales London Centre.


He is a member of editorial advisory board (EAB) of Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences, and an Associate Fellow of Higher Education Academy (HEA) and ICC Institute of World Business law and Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.


Mr. Atai holds a PhD in international investment law and arbitration from University of London’s Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS).


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