Kujtim Kerveshi

Kujtim Kerveshi is one of the leading experts in Alternative Dispute Resolution system in Kosovo. Mr. Kerveshi specializes in civil and international private law and is a PhD candidate in law. He is a member of Kosovo Prosecutors Council and Legal Expert at the USAID| Contract Law Enforcement Program in Kosovo.


Prior Mr. Kerveshi served as the Kosovo Chamber of Attorneys board member as well as the Principal Legal Adviser to the Kosovo Minister of Justice and worked on several international programs founded by USAID, European Commission and the World Bank. Before taking on such posts, Mr. Kerveshi served as Legal Officer in Approximation of Kosovo Legislation with international and European law and practices, then as Deputy Chief in the Prime Minister’s Office of Legal Support Services.


In these positions Mr. Kerveshi participated in the development of legislation relating to judicial reform, civil and commercial law as well as establishing the Kosovo Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Kosovo Judicial Council. He is author and co-author of a number of articles related to EU integration, international public and international private law, alternative dispute resolution, and rule of law reform and justice challenges in Kosovo.


Mr. Kerveshi is a teaching assistant in the Civil Law Department at the University of Prishtina School of Law and Professor of Law on Torts and Obligations at the University of Peja School of Law and founder of the Kosovo Law Institute. Mr. Kerveshi conducted training's on ADR at International Chamber of Commerce, Paris, France.


He is a graduate of University of Prishtina School of Law and holds an LLM degree from Riga Graduate School of Law. Mr. Kerveshi is licensed mediators and certified arbitrator.


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