Albert Islami

Mr. Albert Islami is an attorney at law and member of the Chamber of Advocates of Kosovo, specialized in banking, finance, commercial and corporate law and litigation.


Mr. Islami has considerable experience in the field of legal audits and legal due diligence, such as the compliance of specific transactions, company structure and operation and contracts with the applicable laws in Kosovo,; status of commercial licenses, assets, real estate, investment financing, security documents, etc.


In the last six years Mr. Islami has carried out legal audits and legal due diligence for several international companies and financial institutions, the most important being the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Mr. Islami has represented clients in commercial litigation: the resolution of disputes arising in the corporate and commercial sectors, such as asset and venture capital projects, banking transactions, corporate governance, financial services regulation, mergers and acquisitions, and share capital reorganizations.


Mr. Islami graduated from the University of Warsaw (Department of Roman Philology), Poland and from the Law School at the University of Prishtina, Kosovo.


Mr. Islami speaks eight languages: English, German, French, Polish, Italian, Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian, Macedonian and Albanian


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