How to file a case

How to File a Case


The AmCham ADR Center Filing Service functions within the office of the Secretary General.


The purpose of our filing service is to offer to our clients’ fast and efficient means to file their claims, regardless of their geographical location.


We will assess each case to ensure that the information is complete and will contact you if there is any question about the case, before we proceed with arbitration or mediation.


In order to save your time during the proceedings, we will try to make sure that all of the documents submitted by the claimant and respondent are in line with the Rules of Procedure and the applicable law.


In the AmCham ADR Center Catalog (avaiable on documents area of this web-site), we have included several documents in order to assist you with the step-by-step guide on how to file a case. A sample Statement of Claim, Arbitration Submission Agreement and the Rules of Procedure are also available online.


Step-by-step process:


1. File the Statement of Claim and submit the registration fee (as per the Rules of Procedure and Decision on Costs).


2. Arbitration Submission Agreement between the Claimant and the Respondent(Step 2 will not be applicable if you have already included an arbitration clause in your contract)


3. Submission of all relevant documents as described in the Rules of Procedure via registered mail or in person to:


American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo

Alternative Dispute Resolution Center

Fehmi Agani str. no. 36/310000 Pristina, Kosovo

+381 38 246 012


If you need support during your claim preparation and submission, you may contact

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